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About Chicks Heart Fights

I was at a bar on December 30 with a few friends watching Ortiz-Liddell. My friend (also female) and I were discussing our favorites, not just the main event but the undercards. As we talked, a man interrupted us and asked “How do YOU know so much about the UFC?” I looked at my friend, giggled, and said “How do YOU know about the UFC?” This is a theme that’s been repeated many times in my life: when I tell people I’m going to a girls’ weekend at the NCAA wrestling tournament, or when I’m the only girl at a UFC-watching party. At that moment, I decided that I needed to show that women can be more than ring girls (Xyience girls?) So, voila, chicks dig fights!

A note about coverage: I wish I had the time to cover all MMA and amateur wrestling news, but alas, unless someone can make this my job, I cannot cover everything. I limit my blogging to (mostly) the UFC, college wrestling, and international wrestling during major events to make sure that the coverage has quality, if not quantity.

Contact me at chicksheartfights AT gmail DOT com.


11 Responses

  1. Hey just wanted you to know, I run the Iowa MMA Report, I caught your blog and I’m impressed.

  2. hey nice blog but imo UFC is evil. Go k-1 and PRIDE!! uhh hahah

  3. What do YOU know about college wrestling? Enough … keep up the great stuff here.

    You know who.

  4. MAN! i know how you feel SERIOUSLY! I wrestled 4 yrs in high school and then my coach cut the girls team saying “it was a distraction” and that was that.. he did it before a huge tourney that all of us here in ontario work for in high school… SO i got into submission wrestling & judo.. mixing it up with my wrestling and have been doing that for 5 yrs also.. I’m going for my black belt next month and i’m the ONLY girl in my gym doing grappling, i’m the HIGHEST ranked AND the smallest.. i’m actually 4’11 and 105lbs…

    I’m usually the only girl who’s actually sitting watching the ufc and talking about the bouts eating wins or whatever while the other guys might bring their gfs who talk about how hott the fighters are and like try and understnad whats going on…

    LOL i love the concept of your blog.. my myspace blog is similar.. talks about training and my opinion on some of the stuff that goes on int he ufc.. and what not..


  5. its nice to know im not the only girl in the world who thoroughly enjoys MMA& the UFC. i get the “how do you know about the UFC?” whenever i try and talk about it. haha. keep up the good work. i also enjoy your writing style. and damn, roger huerta looks good in those shorts, doesnt he?

  6. Thank you so much (to both Christina and Michelle)! And yes, Roger Huerta can wear a pair of shorts like few other men.

  7. 🙂

  8. Micheal Chandler From Missouri is a DREAMBOAT!!!!

    He won today at the NCAA’s and I think that is super neat…………………

  9. This site kicks so much ass. My goodness. I heard Maggie on the Treehouse Fort and was incredibly impressed by her passion and knowledge for wrestling. Keep up the awesome work!

  10. Great site fellow WordPresser! Saw your comments on Cage Potato and here I am. reallybigdeal.wordpress.com

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Tony!

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